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The Garden of Surging Waves is the legacy of Astoria's Bicentennial, marking 200 years since the city's founding in 1811. It serves as a permanent reminder of – and tribute to – Astoria history. Much in the way the Astoria Column commemorates the city's first one hundred years, the Garden of Surging Waves continues the tradition by sharing another of Astoria's heritage stories.

To purchase a legacy gift from one of the options below, or to make a contribution of any amount, please contact Terra Patterson. Your gift may be tax deductible. Please consult an accountant for details.

Donors may also purchase engravable Heritage Bricks that will line the Duane Street side of the park. Cost is $50. Download the order form for additional information or to place your order.

Legacy Gift Diagram

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    Quantity Gift    
A. Entry Story Screen & Scrolls
  a. Steel Story Screen 1 (SOLD) $100,000    
  b. Individual Story Screen Panels 10 $10,000   ea.
  c. 13 Foot Bronze Scroll 1 (SOLD) $15,000    
  d. 10 Foot Bronze Scroll 1 (SOLD) $12,000    
  e. 7 Foot Bronze Scroll 1 (SOLD) $8,000    
  f. Screen Base Inscriptions 100 (40 available) $1,000   ea.
B. Moon Gate
  a. Bronze Arc Inlay 1 (SOLD) $80,000    
  b. Cast Bronze Bas Relief Lions 2 (SOLD) $20,000   set of 2
C. Pavilion of Transition
  a. Pavilion 1 (SOLD) $200,000    
  b. Marble Dragon Columns 7 (2 available) $15,000   ea.
  c. Mended Dragon Column 1 (SOLD) $25,000    
  One of the eight marble dragon columns was broken en route from China to the U.S. The broken column elicited a tremendous amount of sympathy from the Astoria community; hence this column, instead of being replaced, has custom-made stainless steel braces so it can stay with its “family.”        
  d. Timber Column Set 1 (SOLD) $20,000    
  e. Salmon Lantern 1 $60,000    
  f. Sturgeon Glass Mosaic 1 $50,000    
  g. Basalt Benches 2 (SOLD) $10,000   ea.
D. Platform of Heritage
  a. Heritage Platform 1 (SOLD) $8,000    
  b. Cast Bronze Lantern 1 (SOLD) $45,000    
E. Ling Bi Rocks
  a. Large Ling Bi Rock 1 (SOLD) $18,000    
  b. Small Ling Bi Rock 1 $12,000    
F. Timeline Markers and Benches
  a. Pre-Cast Concrete Benches 4 (2 available) $14,000   ea.
  b. Chess Bench 1 (SOLD) $14,000    
  c. Chess Tables 2 (SOLD) $1,500   ea.
  d. Bronze Timeline Markers 24 (19 available) $1,500   ea.
G. Railroad Rails
  a. Railroad Rails - Long 2 (SOLD) $4,000   ea.
  b. Railroad Rails - Short 2 (SOLD) $2,000   ea.
H. Donor Screen - Colored Cast Glass Prisms
  a. Multiple Levels   $500 +   ea.
I. Seating Arcs 39 (35 available) $1,000   ea.
J. Paver Planks Multiple $200   ea.
K. Heritage Block Bricks (order form)   $50   ea.